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The Zero Waste Collective’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Sustainable Fashion and Accessories

Disclosure: Please note that this post has been sponsored in paid partnership with the participating brands. This post also contains affiliate links and cookies, learn more here. All photography has been provided by each company unless otherwise noted.

If you’re looking to make some zero waste swaps, The Zero Waste Collective’s Holiday Gift Guide has fantastic options below for fashion and accessories! Perfect for you and your family, as well as loved ones and friends whom you might be trying to get on board with low waste living.

If you're buying gifts this holiday season, you’re all set with these innovative, sustainable and passionate brands that care about our planet. Plus, get access to EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODES below!

Azura Bay

Azura Bay is your one-stop-shop for ethical and sustainable lingerie, PJs & loungewear designed to empower both the women wearing them, and the people who made them. Based in Canada (but shipping globally!), Azura Bay is here to make your shopping experience simple, easy, and sustainable. It can be time consuming to find options that check all the boxes like high-quality, good fit, ethically made, and eco-friendly. Azura Bay does all the work for you.

Azura Bay has curated the most comfortable and stylish options that support your values. Most of the brands Azura Bay carries are women-owned, so you’ll be supporting female entrepreneurship. The founder, Ashley, also donates a portion of proceeds from your order to one of three organizations of your choice. Looking for new PJs for yourself or as a gift? Azura Bay has you covered, literally!

Discount Code: ZWC10 for 10% off (one use per person, cannot be combined with any other promotions)! International Shipping is Available.

Azura Bay: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Miik clothing is designed for women who do it all. Made in Canada with an emphasis on sustainable practices, Miik offers contemporary style with first-class comfort. Designed by women, for women, their collection of timeless classics and on-trend statement pieces are tailored yet comfortable with buttery soft fabrics and 4-way stretch.

Sustainability and ethical manufacturing are a priority for Miik. They custom mill their own fabrics from fibres derived primarily from bamboo and beech trees. They produce locally to ensure ethical manufacturing but also to keep their carbon footprint low, plus they either utilize or donate any leftover fabric. The philosophy behind Miik is to have fewer, better, and more versatile pieces in our closets. Many of their styles are reversible; mix and match Miik with your closet, or as a gift!

Discount Code: ZEROWASTE30 for 30% off of the JONI, MALORY, KATYA, SUZI, CHARLENE, and EDEN! International Shipping is available.

Miik: Website | Instagram | Facebook


icebreaker integrates natural solutions to technical apparel for women, men, and kids. The founder of icebreaker, Jeremy Moon, created the brand to bring the brilliance and power of nature from merino wool into our closets and active lifestyles. icebreaker is proud of the meaningful relationships they’ve built with their partners and growers, thriving on respect, honesty and transparency.

icebreaker is committed to using natural alternatives to synthetic materials (i.e. plastics) in their clothing, knowing that nature has the solutions to creating better performance and building a more sustainable future for people and our planet. icebreaker believes that people should know exactly what they are putting next to their skin and how their clothes are made, including full traceability. Looking for a life with less plastic? icebreaker is the perfect sustainable and ethical apparel option to bring nature right into any wardrobe.

2-Day FREE SHIPPING! In Canada click here. In the USA click here. Expires December 15, 2019.

International Shipping is also Available.

icebreaker: Website | Instagram | Facebook


not PERFECT LINEN is slow fashion for women. not PERFECT LINEN is run by a small family of creative people in Lithuania that handcraft simple linen pieces. Their fashion is simple yet beautiful and high quality. Made from linen, each piece is natural and sustainable. not PERFECT LINEN has a variety of women’s clothing, plus linens for your home and tote bags.

not PERFECT LINEN thoughtfully selects fabrics from local manufacturers. Their pieces are versatile, and handmade by people from start to finish. This is a slow but thoughtful process to fuel your passion for slow fashion and slow living. Linen gets better with age, and it’s not synthetic. Add linen to your closet or as a gift for that person in your life who loves slow living.

Discount Code: LinenGift for 10% off until December 8! Free Worldwide Shipping is Available.

not PERFECT LINEN: Website | Instagram | Facebook


tonlé is zero waste and ethical fashion. tonlé sees fashion differently, from the way it’s made to the way it’s worn. They see it as encouraging the uniqueness of everyone who comes into contact with their clothing, from the maker to the wearer. tonlé is on a mission to reduce waste generated by larger factories and change the fashion industry for the better. They take scrap waste sourced from large-scale clothing manufacturers and use every last thread to hand make clothing and accessories, each signed by their Cambodian makers.

tonlé cares about every step in the process and have even partnered with Greenstory to quantify the impact of your tonlé purchases, which you can find for each garment on tonlé’s website. tonlé also offers a range of gifts, accessories, and zero-waste home products. It’s truly zero waste fashion which you’ll be proud to wear, and excited to gift. 

Discount Code: tonlezerowaste20 for 20% off! International Shipping is available.

tonlé: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Hemp Clothing Australia

Hemp Clothing Australia puts a modern spin on the world’s oldest natural fibre: hemp. Hemp is one of the eco-friendliest materials. It’s natural and highly renewable, requiring less water and land to grow compared to other options. Hemp Clothing Australia is redefining clothing quality and durability and was born with the desire to address the unsustainable and non-renewable practices of the fashion industry as we know it today. They are going against the grain to make sustainable options mainstream and modern, plus they are an ethical company from start to finish.

Hemp Clothing Australia started with a range of menswear and is also expanding to include women’s wear! The women’s line will be available in December 2019. With a refined and minimalist approach, Hemp Clothing Australia fits perfectly into all wardrobes.

Discount Code: ZEROWASTE for 10% off! International Shipping is Available at an amazing flat rate of $20 AUD!

Hemp Clothing Australia: Website | Instagram | Facebook


The most sustainable fashion is fashion that already exists, right? That means secondhand shopping is where it’s at for updating our wardrobes. thredUP is the easiest way to clean out and refresh your closet. thredUP lists over 1,000 like-new arrivals every hour, so it’s a new store every time you visit! With unmatched variety and value, you get the closet-flipping fun of updating your fashion — without the environmental waste and financial cost.

thredUP is shifting fashion culture from throwaway to sustainable by inspiring a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first. They aim to create a ‘circular fashion future’ where reuse powers the rotation of our closets — instead of the constant refill of new, disposable clothes. When you think about gifting this holiday season, try thrifting first with thredUP!