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7 Sustainable Self-Care Strategies for Healthy Living During a Pandemic

Please note: this is a sponsored post in paid partnership with WAKEcup, a zero waste reusables brand on a mission to end single use plastic pollution for good!

It’s an Unprecedented Time

We’re living in an unprecedented time, there’s no doubt about it. A lot of what’s going on in the world is out of our hands and out of our personal sphere of control. This can cause a lot of undue stress in our lives.

While we might be facing unexpected challenges, and they will vary from person to person, here are 7 Sustainable Self-Care Strategies that we can all add to our routines.

7 Sustainable Self Care Strategies

1. Practice Yoga at Home

Whether you’re a well practiced yogi, or new to yoga, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a good stretch or a full on yoga session at home. It’s a great way to focus inward, breathe a little deeper, de-stress, focus on your mind, body, and overall health. Plus, it’s also super affordable with plenty of free classes online, or you can support your local Yoga Studio or Gym by paying for their Zoom yoga sessions! Be sure to keep hydrated with a reusable UV water bottle from WAKEcup.

2. Take an extra 5 minutes to enjoy your tea or coffee each morning

Why rush to enjoy a cuppa? Give yourself a few extra minutes each morning to slowly sip your coffee or tea in your WAKEcup wooden mug. Breathe deeply, enjoy the smell of your freshly brewed coffee or steeped tea, look out the window and let yourself daydream. Have kiddos running around? Perhaps take turns with your partner to give each other a bit of solo time, or wake up before the kids do! Absorb yourself in the peaceful moments of the morning before the day gets going and busy.

3. Go for a Walk

While it sounds simple, walking has so many health benefits! Just imagine that going for a walk is simple exercise with the following benefits: improves circulation; reduces stress; improves sleep; strengthens muscles; enhances your mood, and many more. When you head out the door, don’t forget to bring your reusable water bottle, or grab a travel mug for your excursion. If you can, go for walks on a daily basis!

4. Enjoy Forest Bathing

Elevate your walking routine by walking in a forest or nearby park with trees for a full on rejuvenation. Being in nature helps to reduce stress, improve your mood, and bring clarity. Let all of your senses take over by feeling the breeze, breathing in the fresh air and smelling the nature around you, while soaking in the view of the flora and fauna. Listen to the rusting of the branches and the leaves, and the nearby birds chirping. Have extra time to enjoy this experience? Pack a book in your WAKEbag Rucksack, sit under a tree, and lose yourself in the moment.

5. Plan a Picnic

Options for eating out may be limited from what we’re used to, but don’t let that stop you from packing your own picnic and eating out! This zero waste lunch kit from WAKEcup comes with a bamboo water bottle, bamboo utensils, and a waterproof, sustainably sourced paper lunch bag. Find a location with a nice view, pack your back, and head out for lunch or an afternoon picnic. It’ll do you some good to take a break from being indoors and focused on all the things life throws our way.

6. Call a Loved One

As most people have experienced globally, many of our regular in-person interactions have been limited. Just because we can’t see all of our friends and loved ones in a typical social setting doesn’t mean we can still be connected! Human connection is vital for our mental health, so make it a priority to call friends and loved ones regularly, or connect on video chats. If you know you can’t see them for the holiday season, you can give them a gift card to WAKEcup and share the above sustainable self care strategies with them!

7. Choose Reusables with WAKEcup

WAKEcup is a zero waste lifestyle brand promoting reusables to build a sustainable future free from single-use plastics. They also donate 10% of their profits to Marine Conservation Society, and through your purchase from WAKEcup you’re supporting a lifestyle change, a global movement, and the protection of sea life. During this pandemic, WAKEcup is also donating hundreds of WAKEcup water bottles to NHS staff.

Looking for the perfect eco-friendly gift? WAKEcup offers personalization through laser engraving on coffee cups and water bottles!

Photography by: Geesunkvisuals

For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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