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Thawrih, not Sorry, this is how you revolutionize the apparel industry to be inclusive AF

Thawrih – pronounced thorry and means “My Revolution” in Arabic – is revolutionizing what it means to be a conscious brand. They are inclusive AF, changing the game, and setting the new standard upon which all brands should aspire to achieve.

They aren’t messing around! Thawrih designs high quality, effective and innovative headgear and activewear for EVERYbody; their gear is made in Canada, has inclusive sizing, and they employ refugee newcomers to Canada.

What activewear are you looking for? Thawrih has leggings, shorts, and tops; their radically inclusive head gear includes turbans, hijabs, and patkas. They also have reusable face masks, because, you know, pandemic. Thawrih has reusable gloves, too!

These clothes have been designed and manufactured to be fully functional, ensuring that your gear can handle your active life from working out at the gym to swimming (yep, you can swim in your Thawrih gear! It’s UV protective).

Their buttery-smooth and extremely comfortable (like wear it alllll day long kind of comfortable) gear is made from 100% recycled fishnets. Not only does using recycled fishnets help to clean up our oceans, it’s contributing to a circular economy in which materials that already exist are used to make new products. Yassssss!

Worried about releasing microplastics while washing your Thawrih gear? Be sure to get a Guppyfriend washing bag. This is an FYI, not an ad for Guppyfriend.

Seriously though, Tharwih checks all the boxes:


  • Employs refugee newcomers; every purchase you make from Thawrih empowers a newcomer by providing confidence, which aids in overcoming job-related obstacles that many face

  • Made in Canada, paying living wages


  • Designed and made in Canada from recycled materials

  • Labels made from recycled content, with plantable seed tags

  • The packaging is reusable / recyclable / and compostable (where accepted)


  • Inclusive size range

  • Kick ass active head gear (like the first ever sports Turban)

  • Diverse team

The activewear industry can take a page out of Thawrih’s playbook, because it’s time for them to step up to check more of these boxes! But whatever, Thawrih’s got it covered. When you buy from Thawrih, you know that you’re voting with your dollars to support a more just and sustainable future.

Most of all, Thawrih is empowering you to #OwnYourSkin, while creating Unity Through Fitness. The next time you need some new activewear, head to Thawrih!

Disclosure: Please note this is a sponsored post in paid partnership with Thawrih.

For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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