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Tara McKenna created The Zero Waste Collective blog and lifestyle website to inspire people worldwide to live more sustainably with less waste and more joy!

Find practical content on the blog to help you make informed decisions to reduce your waste, improve your life, and have a positive impact on people and the planet. Check out the shop and the book!

On The Zero Waste Collective you'll find:

  • Information and Inspiration on low waste & sustainable living

  • Tips on minimalism and how to live with and consume less

  • Sustainable brands & products

  • Eco-friendly campaigns

Please note that this blog has been retired and ZWC collaborations are not currently available. If you want to see what Tara is currently working on, check out and @hello.tara.mckenna

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About The Zero Waste Collective

Meet Tara McKenna


Hi there, and welcome! I'm Tara, founder of The Zero Waste Collective and author of Don't Be Trashy: A Practical Guide to Living with Less Waste and More Joy.


Based in Canada, I started my low-waste journey early in 2017. I've always been environmentally conscious, but travelling has been the biggest eye-opener to our global trash problem.


From snorkelling with trash in Bali, Indonesia, to picking up litter on trails in Southern Ontario, Canada, it has become obvious to me that waste is a worldwide issue.

The solution as I see it? Reduce our waste and be mindful consumers with a progress over perfection mindset. Together, we can make a difference by consuming less and creating less trash. Our world depends on it!

New to zero waste? Start with Zero Waste 101!