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The Zero Waste Collective’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Zero Waste Home and Decor

Disclosure: Please note that this post has been sponsored in paid partnership with the participating brands. This post also contains affiliate links and cookies, learn more here. All photography has been provided by each company unless otherwise noted.

If you’re looking to make some zero waste swaps, The Zero Waste Collective’s Holiday Gift Guide has fantastic options below for your home and decor! Perfect for you and your family, as well as loved ones and friends whom you might be trying to get on board with low waste living.

If you're buying gifts this holiday season, you’re all set with these innovative, sustainable and passionate brands that care about our planet. Plus, get access to EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODES below!

ReThink Gift Wraps

If you plan on gifting this holiday season, then ReThink Gift Wraps has the perfect solution: reusable hand-stamped gift wrap made from secondhand fabric. In the US alone, an additional 5 million tons of waste headed for the landfill over the holidays! According to the Clean Air Council, 4 million tons of this waste is wrapping paper and shopping bags. Skip the trash and use ReThink Gift Wraps!

ReThink Gift Wraps are hand-stamped from stamps husband & wife team Jake and Katie have carved themselves and sewn into gift wraps from their home in South Carolina. They come shipped with a jute, cotton or linen tie to eliminate the need for scissors, tape, and waste. When you gift with ReThink Gift Wraps, you know you’re reducing waste and supporting a circular economy!

International Shipping is available. ReThink Gift Wraps: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Imagine 10x more water coming into contact with your skin while saving up to 65% of water compared to a standard showerhead. The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 experience is exactly that! It is easy to install, slides to accommodate all heights, and most importantly, provides a relaxing experience to start or finish your day.

You can feel good about helping your loved ones be more sustainable (and relaxed!) with the gift of a Nebia Spa Shower 2.0. It's the gift that keeps on giving as they will surely love the savings on their heating and water bills (calculate savings on Nebia’s website). Nebia 2.0 is a revolutionary shower experience with impeccable design and respect for our planet. It's US made and US sourced with low-impact, recyclable packaging.

Nebia also recently launched the Nebia Shelf. Made out of aluminum, it is sleek, sustainable, and easy to install. It’s the best way to declutter your shower and is the perfect upgrade to any bathroom space.

Discount: 20% OFF site-wide ($100 off Nebia 2.0) and FREE SHIPPING in North America now through December 9, 2019! No promo code required. International Shipping is available.

Avocado Mattress

Sleep better at night with an Avocado Green Mattress and Avocado Green Pillow! Avocado Green Mattresses are handmade in California with naturally non-toxic and 100% certified organic materials. Their products are affordable, while still being environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable to maintain our health and the health of our planet.

Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s the gift of an Avocado Green Pillow, or going all in with the Avocado Green Mattress, this brand delivers on their promise to ensure you love your sleep. They use the best natural ingredients, offer free shipping & returns, include a 1-year warranty on pillows. As for the mattress, you can get a 1-year trial and a 25-year warranty and free shipping! Sleep well, friends.

Discount Code: zerowasteholidays175 for $175 off your purchase of an Avocado Green Mattress (until December 31, 2019)! US Shipping only. Photography by Melissa Kruse.

Avocado Mattress: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Sol Organics

Organic bedding by Sol Organics will have you sleeping like a baby. Sol Organics creates affordable, ethical and sustainable bedding, duvets, and more. Sol Organics sheets, along with the responsibly sourced Canadian down pillows and duvets, are non-toxic; free from pesticides, phthalates, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. Sol Organics is completely transparent about their cotton, fair trade, workers’ rights and pricing. Their products are organic, fair trade and come in plastic-free packaging. Better yet? They donate $7.50 from each sale to 4 partner charities.

Bedding and products from Sol Organics means that customers get to enjoy the comfort that comes with affordable luxury bedding without compromising sustainability. Make the investment, as a gift for yourself or others, for the long-term and choose quality over quantity with Sol Organics.

Discount Code: ZEROWASTE25 for 25% off all SOL orders (valid until Jan. 15, 2020). Shipping to US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe is available.

Sol Organics: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Fracture helps us to Focus on Moments and share our stories by printing our most treasured moments on glass. They are hand-assembled with care in Florida in a solar-powered facility and shipped with sustainability in mind. Make your home beautiful with your own memories and experiences decorating your space. Fracture makes it simple to print your photos on glass, with a crisp and frame free aesthetic.

Fracture is committed to sustainability. Fracture offsets their carbon footprint by planting trees (making them carbon-neutral) and they ship with minimal packaging, which is quite impressive given that they ship glass! You would think a company selling glass prints would use mostly Styrofoam, but it's predominantly recycled cardboard that you'll be receiving your glass prints in. This holiday season give the gift of moments with Fracture.

Discount Code: ZWC15 for 15% off prints! International Shipping is Available.

Fracture: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!

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