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The Zero Waste Collective’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Zero Waste Bathroom and Beauty

Disclosure: Please note that this post has been sponsored in paid partnership with the participating brands. This post also contains affiliate links and cookies, learn more here. All photography has been provided by each company unless otherwise noted.

If you’re looking to make some zero waste swaps, The Zero Waste Collective’s Holiday Gift Guide has fantastic options below for making swaps in the bathroom and beauty! Perfect for you and your family, as well as loved ones and friends whom you might be trying to get on board with low waste living.

If you're buying gifts this holiday season, you’re all set with these innovative, sustainable and passionate brands that care about our planet. Plus, get access to EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODES below!

Unwrapped Life

Excessive packaging is so passé. Products, and the results they produce, should stand on their own, period. Unwrapped Life was created to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics from everyday products for hair, body and home. Daily luxury staples like shampoo and conditioner bars that were on the market just didn't work as well as traditional bottled products, so Unwrapped Life was created with the determination to change that! And we’re so glad they did.

These are not your average, shampoo + conditioner bars. Unwrapped Life has specifically formulated bars for all hair types, using key active ingredients! They’ll leave your hair feeling fresh, luxurious, and smooth. Good hair days are possible without the compromise! They are also ideal for travelling (TSA approved!), no fear of leaks or spills. Plus, they have vegan body, shaving, and exfoliating bars, as well as and a baby+kids line (The Womb Collection) formulated for the most sensitive of skin. Unwrapped Life also has a wide range of eco-friendly products for zero waste living, including reusable facial rounds, stainless steel straws and bar dishes.

Discount Code: ZWC2019 - for 15% off! Requires min $40 purchase, one-use per customer, and expires Dec 24th at 11:59PM (MST), cannot be combined with any other discount code (only one code per order). International shipping is available.

Unwrapped Life: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Plaine Products

Looking for refillables? Plaine Products has a refill system for (almost) all of your toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, face wash and face moisturizer. Plaine Products will ship the products to your door, plastic-free. Once you’re running low, you can order refills and then use the refill box to return the empty bottles to be washed, sterilized and reused. They cover the return shipping fee, and the postal service will pick up the box so it’s hassle free. With the subscription option, Plaine Products makes it so easy! You won’t have to reorder every time you need a refill, they’ll be sent automatically and you’ll save on cost. Travel size bottles are also available.

Free from toxins, Plaine Products are friendly for babies, children, and pets. These personal care products are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. You’ll also love their eco-friendly packaging made from post-consumer waste. Plaine Products is committed to sustainability and the environment. Try Plaine Products and reduce disposable plastics in your bathroom!

Discount Code: ZWC for 20% off your order! Shipping Locations: US and Canada. Please note that this is an affiliate code and link, meaning that a commission is earned from sales.

Plaine Products: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Nelson Naturals

The original zero waste toothpaste! Nelson Naturals has been dedicated to creating plastic and toxin free toothpaste since 2012. Nelson Naturals has an assortment of toothpastes, including paste and tablets, in a range of flavours. All of their products come in glass jars that are recyclable, reusable & refillable! The Crush & Brush tablets are great for travel and use less water than traditional toothpaste.

Feel great when you use Nelson Naturals toothpastes, their products are vegan, gluten free, plastic free and not tested on animals. Not only that, they have end to end waste reduction measures throughout their manufacturing process to ensure that they reduce waste wherever possible, and they reuse materials whenever they can. Think outside the tube and give Nelson Naturals a try!

Discount Code: ZEROWASTE for 10% off until December 31, 2019! International Shipping is available.

Nelson Naturals: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Cocoon Apothecary

Plant-based and artfully crafted, Cocoon Apothecary has created a skincare line formulated from biodegradable, vegan and ethically sourced ingredients. Their variety of products spans all skin types and ages to nourish your skin. Cocoon Apothecary is meticulous about their ingredients, and the environment, plus their products are made in Canada to boot!

Cocoon Apothecary uses certified organic ingredients in their products, and they are 100% GMO-free. They believe in preserving nature with sustainable farming practices. They make it a priority to package their products in glass, and they offer a bottle return and reuse program. In terms of shipments, they use packing peanuts produced from vegetable starch, which are biodegradable and can be placed in your compost. You’ll love their creamiest creams, sudsiest soaps, and bliss-inducing aromas.

Discount Code: zerowaste for 25% off until January 31, 2020! One time use per person. Shipping is available in Canada and USA only.

Cocoon Apothecary: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Albatross SHAVES

Albatross Designs is on a mission to help you eliminate plastic from your shaving routine. Over recent years, shaving has become more disposable, and quite expensive. An amazing swap you can make to reduce waste in the bathroom is to invest in a safety razor. Albatross Designs has a variety of razor styles, plus safety razor blades and plastic-free shaving soap. You’ll never throw away a razor again!

With the razors available from Albatross Designs, all you’ll need to replace is the stainless steel blade. Metal blades can be recycled, just be sure to check with your municipality to learn how to recycle them properly. Another option? Albatross Designs has a safety razor blade take back program. With this program, Albatross Designs creates new products with the stainless steel, like their soon-to-launch travel cutlery set!

Discount Code: ZWC10 for 10% off your order! International shipping is available.

Albatross Designs: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Ready for a plastic free and zero waste period? With ImseVimse, investing in reusable menstrual products is easy. Having a set of reusable menstrual pads saves money from what is otherwise a monthly expense, plus reusing will reduce waste. Their washable and reusable menstrual pads are made from 100% organic cotton. Soft against your skin and free of chemicals! ImseVimse products are kind on the planet, and ethically made.

ImseVimse also has a collection of functional and reusable textile products to minimize our environmental impacts of daily living. Check out their reusable cleansing pads, washable wipes and wet bags, and reusable tote bags. They also have a line of cloth diapers, diaper covers and diaper inserts, and wet bags, and other children’s products like swim diapers and children’s sun protection wear.

Discount Code: zerowaste20 for 20% off until December 31, 2019 on the US website (link below). International Shipping is available.

ImseVimse: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Tek Brushes

Tek’s wood brushes, combs and other hair tools are perfect for creating your plastic free bathroom and beauty routine. Tek has a wood brush or comb for everyone: every size, big and small (perfect for travel), and they make a head massager too. Scalp massage helps to stimulate hair growth and blood circulation around the scalp.

Tek brushes and combs are handmade in Italy to ensure high quality and attention to detail in every product they make. Tek is keen about sustainability and makes sure that their wood is 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, they use only natural colorants, and their products are VeganOK certified. They also use a natural ‘caucciù’ rubber for hair brushes to avoid petrochemical products. This is plastic free beauty at its best!

Elate Cosmetics

Elate Cosmetics has a beautiful collection of clean, cruelty free, and vegan cosmetics that include a range of refillable compacts made from bamboo! As a conscious brand, they use sustainable materials, their packaging is low waste, and everything is made in Canada. Elate Cosmetics has a wide range of products for your face, eyes, and lips. Perfect for all skin types!

Elate Cosmetics is committed to our communities and the world. Their products will never compromise the health of people, animals or the planet. Elate Cosmetics is redefining the future of the beauty industry and is at the heart of the conscious beauty movement. Treat your skin to healthy and nontoxic beauty without compromising on sustainability with Elate Cosmetics. Gift yourself or your friends with conscious beauty and reduce your waste with their refills!

Discount Code: zerowastecollective for 10% off! International Shipping is available.

Elate Cosmetics: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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