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Zero Waste Periods: Ditch the 10,000 Tampons and Make the Switch to an OrganiCup Instead!

Disclosure: Please note that this is a sponsored post in paid partnership with OrganiCup.

Periods are expensive.

A woman may go through up to 10,000 tampons through the length of her menstruating years! Imagine paying for that many tampons, or pads (or both), and of course there are panty liners too. There’s a whole period party of products waiting for women at the drugstore each month! Then the garbage truck comes by to take away the trash of these used products. It’s pretty much like putting your money in the garbage bin! It's an ongoing cycle... buy, use, toss!

The best alternative? A menstrual cup! OrganiCup is an award-winning menstrual cup that can replace your collection of pads and tampons, saving you both money and trash. You’ll also free up storage space in your bathroom and purse! Hello minimalism. Discount code below!

They’re easy to wear during the day, and at night, providing up to 12 hours of leak-free period protection (OrganiCup holds up to 3 times more liquid than pads and tampons!). Instead of being a single-use product, OrganiCups will last up to 10 years!

Made of soft silicone, OrganiCup is certified hypoallergenic, certified vegan (no animal testing) and complies to all relevant legislation. Unlike most pads and tampons, OrganiCup is nontoxic. OrganiCup is free of bleach, glue, perfume, lotion, or anything else that you don’t want inside your lady parts. Nontoxic is the way to go!

Worried it might leak?

It’s a simple process; fold and insert and the OrganiCup unfolds and creates a light vacuum seal to keep it securely in place and leak-free. Feel free to do all of the jumping jacks, somersaults, and cartwheels you want, and you’ll still be fresh as a daisy (no leaks, no smell).

Insert what, where?

Okay, so inserting a menstrual cup for the first time is definitely a learning process. Luckly, OrganiCup has a really comprehensive step-by-step guide (available in multiple languages – amazing!) and videos here. Quick summary here:

  • Clean your cup! Sterilize it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes before use, ensuring that the cup does not touch the bottom of the pot

  • Wash your hands, and clean your cup with water and mild soap before inserting it

  • Fold the cup using one of two methods, The Punch-Down Fold, or the C-Fold (tutorials available on the OrganiCup website)

  • When you’re inserting the cup, make sure you keep it folded until it’s inside your vagina

  • Choose whatever position you feel most comfortable – you can lie down, sit, squat or stand up

  • Relax!

  • Insert and replace once the entire cup is inside of you and let it pop open

  • You should not feel any folds, instead, it should feel round or oval

  • If you feel any folds, simply rotate the cup to help it unfold

  • Once it’s up there, and you don’t feel any folds, then lightly pull on the stem and if you feel resistance, then it’s ready to go

  • Make sure the stem is completely inside, it should not be sticking out (that would be uncomfortable!). If it’s too long, you can trim it to your liking

  • Your OrganiCup also does not need to go as far up as a tampon, it should sit in the lower vaginal canal

Okay, it’s in, what’s next?

Wait 12 hours to remove your menstrual cup, unless you have a really heavy flow, in which case you can check it sooner. Get to know your flow with your menstrual cup, and eventually you’ll know the routine and when to empty your cup. Instructions for removal:

  • Wash your hands

  • Get in a comfortable position of your choice

  • Relax!

  • To remove, pull slightly on the stem while using your abdominal muscles to push the cup downwards until you reach the base

  • Gently pinch the base of the cup to release the suction and lightly pull it out

  • Avoid pulling by the stem, as this might cause some discomfort

  • Empty your cup in the toilet or sink, and rinse it out (there are tiny air holes around the cup that will need to be clear, so check those too!)

  • Re-insert and you’re ready to go!

Once your period is over, boil the cup for 3-5 minutes and use the OrganiCup cotton bag for storage. It’s that easy! Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound so easy. It’s a learning curve, and will take time to get used to, just like it took time to get used to having a period and trying tampons for the first time. Practice makes perfect! You can also use a water-based lubricant to help it slide right in.

Speaking from experience, it's best to practice in advance of any specific event you are hoping to use a menstrual cup. For example, when I went away on vacation earlier this year, I brought a menstrual cup along with me to use for the first time! Let's just say it was a less than ideal experience to be stuck in a hotel bathroom for a while trying to figure it out while my husband was waiting for me to head to the pool!

Still have questions? OrganiCup has a fulsome list of questions and answers on their website. There are no questions too silly or too gross to ask, because periods are normal and shouldn’t be a taboo topic!

Back to your wallet: periods shouldn’t have to be so expensive. Save your tampon money for chocolate instead, and invest in an OrganiCup! Oh and save the planet while you’re at it! This is the most zero waste period you’ll have. Check OrganiCup’s website, Facebook and Instagram for instructions and inspiration. Bonus? Their packaging is minimal, recyclable, and plastic free!

Use the Discount Code ZWC20 for 20% off your purchase from OrganiCup!

What else makes OrganiCup so amazing aside from having a zero waste period?

OrganiCup is doing amazing work with NGOs to empower and educate communities around the world to change negative attitudes towards menstruation AND introducing menstrual cups to those in need as a sustainable and affordable way of managing periods. Talk about #girlpower!

Wear your white pants, and enjoy your #newperiod with OrganiCup.

For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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