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DIY Nontoxic Deodorant Recipe!

This recipe was developed by Jen Novakovich, Director of The Eco Well, and she is passionate about cosmetics and knowing everything there is to know about ingredients. She's keen to understand the science behind products, and she pulls back the curtain on greenwashing. Jen uncovers the story of ingredients in cosmetics, and helps to demonstrate what's truly nontoxic and sustainable in the cosmetics industry.

DIY Deodorant Recipe


  1. Melt all the phase A ingredients down using a double boiler. Stir well until an even consistency/homogeneous.

  2. Once melted, remove from heat. Wait a few minutes and then add your phase B ingredients (you’re waiting to allow the formula to cool slightly since Vitamin E and essential oils are both prone to damage when exposed to high heat)

  3. Pour into your packaging of choice (old sanitized deodorant tubes are great!). Wait 1-2 days before using to allow the product to set.

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