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5 reasons why you should change up your beauty routine this Earth Month with Au Natural Skinfood!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in paid partnership with Au Natural Skinfood. Photos provided by The Zero Waste Collective in collaboration with Camilla B. Creative Studio. Discount code below!

It’s Earth Month and it’s this time of year when we stop to reflect on our impacts on this planet. While every month should be earth month, this is definitely the perfect opportunity to choose a more sustainable path forward with our daily habits and lifestyle choices by changing up our routines!

“Every year, you could be using at least 24 single-use plastic containers for your skincare routine – that’s 1,400 plastic containers over a lifetime.” – Au Natural Skinfood

Skip the bottle this Earth Month. Are you ready to switch up your beauty routine to support your health and the health of the planet? Here are 5 reasons you should choose Au Natural Skinfood for your beauty routine!

Top 5 Reasons:

1. Nontoxic & Ethical: Based in New Zealand, Au Natural Skinfood is committed to using ethically-sourced ingredients from nature that are nontoxic and safe for the largest organ on our bodies, our skin! They embrace the scientific power of nature to repair and strengthen our skin, keeping its natural defences in check. This is instead of the more common approach of using targeted ingredients to treat specific skin conditions. Healthy skincare = healthy skin, inside and out. 

2. Minimalist Skincare for all Skin Types: Au Natural Skinfood is ideal for everyone including any skin type, age, gender, ethnicity, and their products are safe for use during pregnancy. The main skincare line includes a cleanser, toner, day cream and night cream. The simplicity of this skincare routine makes it quick and easy to use them in our daily lives. They are gentle on skin and help to remove bad bacteria while still promoting healthy bacteria that we need for healthy skin. 

3. Science and Authenticity: We don’t need to take Au Natural Skinfood’s commitment at face value! Au Natural Skinfood’s products are supported by independent guidance and the validation of professional organizations. To name a few of their many endorsements, they are Cruelty Free, Vegetarian Society Approved, and endorsed by the Jane Goodall Institute of New Zealand. Into science? Au Natural Skinfood is! They focus on skin health through science, and not on cosmetic beauty, leading to a truly natural skin glow.

4. Low Waste & Refills: Committed to the environment, most of Au Natural Skinfood products come in reusable aluminum containers to help rid our planet of single-use plastic bottles and unnecessary packaging. They are also committed to reducing the amount of packaging used in supplying your skincare products. Most containers are either glass or aluminum, with no false bottoms or oversized lids. Au Natural Skinfood’s refills are provided in reduced-size plant-based eco-pouches that weigh considerably less than containers, thus reducing the overall footprint. Au Natural Skinfood is the world’s first skincare brand that provides a complete skincare range using 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging.

5. Paying it Forward: Au Natural Skinfood is already earning A LOT of brownie points. What’s the icing on the cake? Au Natural Skinfood supports Look Good Feel Better, a program dedicating to empowering cancer patients to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by cancer treatments. They’re helping build confidence from the inside! Au Natural Skinfood is also a team of animal lovers. They support Wellington Rabbit Rescue, a charity committed to taking care of abused, neglected, sick, injured abandoned and unwanted rabbits. 

“Au Natural Skinfood’s packaging is reusable and refillable (via plant-based eco-refills) that are carbon negative, reducing the typical packaging footprint of retail skincare by 75% across the entire supply chain!”

Ready to try Au Natural Skinfood? Join the #AuNaturalRevolution this Earth Month!

Au Natural Skinfood uses aluminum containers that you can refill over and over again with product refills delivered to your door in eco-refills every 8 weeks. The eco-refill pouches are plant-based and recyclable. They are made from cornstarch or sugarcane (not from oil-derived materials like plastic) and their production is zero-emissions. 

All packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and recyclable or compostable. You can even home-compost the courier bag your refills are delivered in, which helps to close the loop.

Samples for these nontoxic and zero waste skincare products are available for a 14-day free trial. Check out the Au Natural Skinfood website here for details. You can also follow them on Instagram here!

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For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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