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Low Waste Cleaning Ideas that Anyone can get Behind with The Bare Home!

Disclosure: Please note this is a sponsored post in paid partnership with The Bare Home. Discount Code: ZWC20 for 20% off! Shipping is available to the US and Canada.

Cleaning our homes has become a chemical-filled and cluttered activity. As we sort through our cleaning cupboard, we tend to find a disposable plastic bottle for each part of our home. Even worse, most of us don’t even know what the ingredients are and if they are safe for our health when we use them. Can we take a different approach? Heck yes, we can!

Here are some low and zero waste cleaning ideas that anyone can handle:

1. Choose Refillables

The Bare Home makes refilling at home incredibly convenient. They offer a range of eco-friendly home cleaning products that smell divine, including hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and laundry detergent. Their 3 Litre boxes give you 6 refills (based on the size of their glassware).

This small change has a huge impact: refilling reduces CO2 emissions and plastic waste by over 80%. This is low waste living made easy!

2. Choose Reusables

Instead of all the disposable plastic bottles cluttering your cupboards, choose to reuse instead. You can reuse what you already have or buy reusable glass bottles like the glassware available from The Bare Home.

3. Use Real Cleaning Cloths and Natural Scrubbers

Instead of cleaning with disposable and synthetic sponges, cloths, and scrubbers, there is a variety of reusable options available. Whether you choose to knit your own cleaning cloths, cut up old t-shirts to use as rags, or you buy set of cloths, find ways to use real cleaning cloths that can be washed and used again and again.

In terms of scrubbers, look for ones that are made from natural materials (beach wood, bamboo), and natural fibres (like coconut, Tampico, etc.). You can also use metal scrubbers made from steel wool or copper, which are durable and recyclable.

4. Keep it Simple

Your cleaning routine doesn’t need to be complicated. Stick to the basics, and you’ll have a decluttered cupboard and cleaning will become more joyful!

Give the Gift of Simple and Low Waste cleaning

Whether you’re reducing waste in your household or helping someone else make this sustainable transition, The Bare Home has something for everyone. Got your own reusable containers? Perfect. If not, The Bare Home sells empty reusable and refillable glass bottles. The Essentials Starter Bundle makes a perfect gift!

Discount Code: ZWC20 for 20% off! Shipping is available to the US and Canada.

The Bare Home: Website | Instagram | Facebook

For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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