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How to Use a Safety Razor (with videos), and Why it's Better for the Planet

This blog post is a paid collaboration with Albatross Designs (discount code below), and is written by Tara McKenna

Whether you’re new to the zero-waste movement or a well-seasoned environmentalist, switching to a safety razor instead of throwing out plastic razors on the regular can seem like a daunting swap!

But it doesn’t have to be, and this post is going to help you get past that mental roadblock to making the switch as simple as possible and discussing why it’s so important – for the environment, and for your wallet!

Why disposable razors aren't great:

  • U.S. consumers are throwing away more than 2 billion disposable razors each year

  • Municipal recycling facilities don't accept disposable razors because they are sharp and made from mixed materials

  • Sometimes our trash doesn't make it to the landfill, and instead goes into the natural environment (not cool!!)

Instead, safety razors are great because

  • They are high quality (normally made from steel or chrome)

  • They are long-lasting and durable

  • You can buy them new or vintage

  • They save money in the long-run, with a minor upfront investment

  • The blades are super inexpensive

  • The blades can be recycled (check this with your waste management facility or mail them in to Albatross Designs to be made into new products with their take back program!)

  • They are completely plastic free!

Are you ready to make the swap?

How to Handle a Safety Razor

  • Get to know the razor, feel its weight

  • Learn how to access where the safety razor blade goes; with this butterfly safety razor (in the video below), you twist the bottom to open the wings of the blade holder

  • Grab a fresh blade, holding the short edges (the long ones are sharp!) carefully place your new blade into the blade holder

  • Twist the wings closed, and it's ready to shave!

  • Be sure to store dull blades in a safe place (like a mason jar) for recycling locally or to send them back to Albatross Designs!

How to Shave with a Safety Razor

  • Lather up (Albatross Designs has plastic free shaving cream!) using a brush

  • Shave at a 30-40 degree angle

  • Take it slow to get used to the razor (this video has been sped up for the Reel; I don't shave this fast lol)

  • Let the razor's weight do the work, don't extra apply pressure

  • Pivot your hands as required

  • Only start going faster once you're comfortable with the razor

  • Once you're comfortable with your safety razor in less sensitive places, you can shave anywhere with it!

  • Reduce single-use plastic waste by switching to a safety razor! And get a closer shave

(Please note that the video above was sped up; so do shave slowly if you're new to it!)

Discount code for all Albatross Designs products: ZWC10 for 10% off!

There you have it! Shaving with a safety razor is better for the planet and for your wallet. Stop throwing away single-use plastic razors and make the swap today!

For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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