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The Ultimate List of 100+ Things to Declutter from Your Home

Written by Tara McKenna

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Minimalism is inextricably linked with low waste living. It’s pretty simple: the less you consume, the less waste you create! But what if you weren’t so minimal before you started going zero waste? What if you’re a bit overwhelmed by clutter and stuff that no longer suits your tastes or resonates with you?

If you find yourself in that situation, then yes, it’s time to reduce, minimize and declutter! Before you get started, check out 5 Ways to Declutter Responsibly, so that you can find lovely new homes for your unwanted belongings. One person's trash is another’s treasure, right?

And while I don’t advocate for keeping things that you don’t need, it’s still worth noting that if you can reuse, repurpose, or upcycle things you already have in your home, then do it!

The last thing we want to do is send things to the landfill. That said, if you truly know you won’t use or love something anymore, then it’s just superfluous stuff collecting dust in your home and it’s really time to let go.

Get your sorting piles ready: Sell, Donate, Swap, Trade, Upcycle, Recycle, Trash, Keep -- whatever piles work for you!

Here are 100+ things to declutter from your home today:


1. Unused CDs

2. Untouched DVDs

3. Video games no longer loved

4. Gaming consoles no longer played

5. TVs no longer watched

6. Unused Electronics, Chargers and Cords

7. Books you don’t read anymore

8. Magazines that are collecting dust

9. Games you don’t play

10. Puzzles you don’t put together anymore


11. Ratty blankets

12. No longer enjoyed throw pillows

13. Excess or worn out towels

14. Worn out tea towels

15. Barely hanging on bed sheets

16. Cleaning cloths that are totally tattered

17. Unused or worn out quilts and comforters


18. Unused or underutilized appliances

19. Excess cutlery

20. Worn out cutting boards

21. Extra or chipped plates, bowls, platters,

22. Mugs, cups, glasses, and other drinkware that are broken or unused

23. Takeout containers and plastic cutlery you won’t reuse

24. Containers you can’t find the lids to, and vice versa

25. Excess or unused pots and pans, or specialty cookware

26. Duplicates of anything

27. Excess jars and containers

28. Fridge magnets

29. Plastic bags that won’t get used

30. Expired food (while you’re at it, you could do a pantry audit)

31. Old spices

32. Condiment packets you won’t use


33. Old or expired makeup

34. No longer used toiletries

35. Unused cleaning supplies

36. Empty or nearly empty bottles and tubes

37. Expired medicine, vitamins and supplements

38. Beauty appliances you don’t use

39. Hair accessories that are worn out or unloved

40. Unused hair products, skin products and other lotions and potions

41. Old toothbrushes

Closets and Drawers

42. Clothes that don’t fit

43. Worn out clothing, or clothes that no longer suit your style

44. Worn out shoes or shoes you no longer wear

45. Accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves that you no longer wear

46. Jewelry you no longer love

47. Old handbags, bags, and purses that are worn out or unused

48. Unworn prescription glasses, sunglasses, etc.

49. Socks with no partners, or holy socks you won’t darn

50. Worn out bras and underwear

51. Seasonal clothes and gear you no longer need

Art and Decor

52. Artwork you no longer enjoy

53. Vases you don’t put flowers in

54. Knick-knacks you don’t care for anymore

55. Souvenirs that have lost their luster

56. Mirrors you don’t love

57. Picture frames you don’t like

58. Seasonal and holiday decor you no longer display

59. Plants you can’t bring back to life

60. Broken blinds or ripped and stained curtains

61. Unused wrapping and gift supplies

62. Art and hobby supplies you don’t use

63. Worn out rugs and mats


64. Unfiled and unimportant paperwork

65. Junk mail that needs tossed

66. Newspapers that you’ve read

67. Coupons you don’t use

68. Other miscellaneous paper clutter

69. Clear out the junk drawer

70. Broken hangers

71. Old planners, calendars and journals

72. Unnecessary receipts

73. Unused user manuals

74. Business cards and phone books

75. No longer used textbooks and school notebooks

76. Extra or no longer functional pens, pencils and other stationery

Kids Stuff

77. Outgrown clothing and shoes

78. Unloved toys and unread books

79. Old, ratty and/or stained stuffed animals

80. Artwork you don’t want to keep

81. Unused art supplies, pens, pencils, markers, papers, colouring books, etc.

82. Outgrown furniture, decor and accessories

83. No longer needed baby clothes and supplies

84. Outdated and unused school supplies and books

Garage & Shed

85. Tools and machinery that are broken or unused

86. Scrap materials that won’t be repurposed

87. Random bins and boxes (if they are full of stuff, sort and declutter the stuff)

88. Untouched or broken gardening accessories

89. Bicycles, Scooters, Outdoor Toys, and Sports Equipment that have been outgrown

90. Pet gadgets that are worn out or unloved

91. Pool accessories you don’t use

92. Miscellaneous junk and broken items you don’t plan to fix

93. Vehicle supplies and accessories you don’t use


94. Indoor or outdoor furniture that’s worn out, unused, or simply extra

95. Exercise equipment you no longer need

96. Party supplies that go untouched

97. Sentimental items and photographs that no longer bring joy

98. Suitcases and other travel gear you don’t use

99. Collections you don’t enjoy anymore, like coins or figurines

100. Unused gifts

Once you’ve gone and done a big tidy up and declutter, the most important thing to do is avoid re-cluttering!

Here are a few tactics to avoid collecting excess again after decluttering:

  • As you declutter, keep stock of things you tend to collect and don’t need more of

  • Stick to a shopping list for all future purchases

  • Give yourself at least 2 weeks to consider a new purchase, if possible

  • Kindly decline unwanted items

  • Check out The Declutter Workbook!

For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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