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6 Sustainability Intentions for the Year Ahead

It’s the new year, and even a new decade! Here we are in 2020, and the climate crisis seems more poignant than ever. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone was concerned about the wildfires spreading through the Amazon, and currently bushfires continue to ravage Australia. It can be overwhelming to start the new year with devastating news. While we can’t directly control what’s happening in the world, we can make daily lifestyle decisions that reduce our impacts. Here are 6 Sustainability Intentions you can take with you into 2020 to reduce your environmental footprint:

1. Get Involved

- Vote during elections

- Become civically engaged in your community

- Contact companies about sustainability opportunities or greenwashing concerns

2. Learn More and Share Your Knowledge

- Use social media to share your knowledge and resources

- Volunteer in your community and join local groups/organizations

- Learn about environmental issues by visiting your local library or checking out a documentary

3. Buy Only What You Need

- Avoid shopping for unnecessary things

- Choose secondhand where possible, or buy from sustainable and ethical companies

- Repair what you already have

4. Eat a Climate Friendly Diet

- Choose foods that have a lower carbon footprint

- Eat local and in season

- Choose organic (consider using the Dirty Dozen list)

5. Be Travel Conscious

- Fly less (or not at all)

- Choose slow travel options (like the train)

- Offset your trip’s carbon footprint

6. Reduce Your Waste

- Create a zero waste kit and skip single-use plastics

- Do a trash audit and/or pantry audit

- Try zero waste grocery shopping

For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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