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Some of Tara McKenna's favourite low-waste and eco-friendly products.

Get beyond the Mason jar and learn how to dramatically reduce the waste you produce over the course of a year—one sanity-saving step at a time—in this super-practical book from the creator of The Zero Waste Collective.


Say goodbye to your bursting toiletries bag, fast fashion, and all the plastic crowding your pantry. It's time to build less trashy habits for a more sustainable and ethical life. With relatable stories, compassion, and a realistic perspective, Tara McKenna will show you how in this ultimate guide to going zero waste(ish).

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My favourite cleaning companion is my Sponge Cloth. Christen (founder of Ten and Co) and I came up with a collaborative print which I love and it makes cleaning a bit more fun!


They are way more absorbent than a paper towel, sucking up about ¾ of a cup of liquid; perfect for spills.

Be sure to check out the Don't Be Trashy sponge cloth too!

The best part? They're long lasting and compostable!

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To go with your ZWC Swedish Sponge Cloth is the matching ZWC x Ten and Co tea towel, designed in Canada, and screen printed in Sweden with water-based dyes!

These gorgeous tea towels are a mid-weight 50/50 cotton-linen blend. This blend allows the towel to soften over time naturally while maintaining durability and absorbency.


And they match with the ZWC x Ten and Co Swedish Sponge Cloth perfectly!

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If you're looking to make a plastic free swap in your kitchen, this collaboration Beeswax Wrap with Goldilocks Goods is a great place to start!


Useful in the kitchen to store food, or to wrap food for on the go! They can be conveniently folded into different shapes that meet your needs for different foods of varying sizes. This is an easy and beautiful zero waste swap for the kitchen.

This collaborative design was brought to life by Koi Cat Creative!

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Beautiful reusable cotton bowl cover collaboration with YOUR GREEN KITCHEN, made by Rouvè, the maker, creator and dreamer behind all the eco-friendly, toxic free products.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Rouvè's mission is to provide amazing, long lasting great quality products to help you easily transition into using less plastic and more earth-friendly products in your kitchen and home.


Large 10" Fabric bowl cover. Made with 100% GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC cotton. Hand printed with water based fabric ink. Sewn in elastic to secure cover around bowl Available in Waxed and Unwaxed.

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The Good Kiind is making it easier for us to be low-waste while on-the-go! Now that our little one is eating solids, we want it to be as easy as possible to feed her while out and about.


The Explorer: Leakproof Stainless Steel Lunch Box is perfect for our daily excursions and allows me to pack a variety of options while keeping food fresh throughout our days! Made from food-safe stainless steel, The Explorer is ethically sourced and supports litter-free lunching.


The Good Kiind is perfect for all of your family's on-the-go mealtime essentials.


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The Bare Home is an eco-sustainable cleaning and personal care collection that proudly offers effective products that are safe for you, your home and the planet. Refill your dish soap, laundry detergent, hand soap, and all-purpose cleaner with their at-home refill stations!


Our go-to products include the Blood Orange, Bergamot + Sandalwood hand soap, Lavender + Sage laundry detergent, and the Bergamot + Lime dish soap. We love refilling at home, and The Bare Home makes it easy.


The Bare Home's Bundles and Kits make it a one-stop shop!


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Cocoon Apothecary has created a skincare line formulated from biodegradable, vegan and ethical ingredients.


I personally love Cocoon products because of their clean ingredients, and their sustainable ethos. Their glass bottles can be returned for reuse!


My favourite go-to product from Cocoon Apothecary is their Magic Bean Body Lotion. The smell is delightful (and not overwhelming, which is an issue I have with conventional beauty products), and perfect for my sensitive skin.


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The Sage Soap Company x ZWC Eucalyptus + Clay Soap! Minimalist and inspired by nature. The Sage Soap Company makes handmade cold-process soap using plant-based oils. The soap is scented with essential oils and botanicals. Get the spa experience:

  • The soap has an excellent rich lather 

  • Moisturizing for all skin types

  • Perfect for sensitive skin 

  • Great for washing your body and face and sensitive enough to wash your face with too! 

  • Plastic free, which is great for low waste living


Discount Code: ZWC15 for 15% off this soap!

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This ZWC x Kula Cloth is fantastic for life on the go! It’s the first ever, next-level antimicrobial pee cloth. It’s a perfect piece of gear for all your travel needs and activities! This is your chance to make sure that you Leave No Trace, which is the ethical standard for any wilderness activity.


Instead of leaving toilet paper wherever you go, or being stuck without TP while traveling, your Kula Cloth is all you need.

Kula Cloth is made from non-toxic fabrics and are manufactured sustainably in the US.


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Albatross Designs is on a mission to help you eliminate plastic from your shaving routine. They have a variety of razor styles, plus safety razor blades and plastic-free shaving soap.


Metal blades can be recycled, just be sure to check with your municipality first. Albatross Designs has a safety razor blade take back program. With this program, Albatross Designs creates new products with the stainless steel, like their travel cutlery set: Take Back Ware!


Discount Code: ZWC10 for 10% off your order!


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Beautiful reusable Furoshiki gift wrap collaboration with YOUR GREEN KITCHEN, made by Rouvè, the maker, creator and dreamer behind all the eco-friendly, toxic free products from YOUR GREEN KITCHEN.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Rouvè's mission is to provide amazing, long lasting great quality products to help you easily transition into using less plastic and more earth-friendly products in your kitchen and home.


This wrap can be used as a gift wrap but also can be used as a table centre piece or decoration afterwards. Wrap size is 20"x20". Organic cotton

Machine wash hang dry.

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Mother-ease is a family run business, manufacturing their products in Ontario, Canada, using 100% green energy, and they sell the most innovative line of cloth diapers in the world!

As someone who strives for a low-waste lifestyle, choosing reusable diapers makes total sense.


We are fully kitted it out with reusable cloth diapers, diaper covers, baby wipes and other accessories from Mother-ease and 100% recommend them.


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Subscribe to Toy Exchange Club to rent curated collections of Montessori-inspired age-appropriate toys for your child.


Toys are exchanged every three months, ensuring your littles are engaged and stimulated, your home’s free of toy clutter, and your eco-footprint’s smaller.

Kids come with so much stuff, which is why we love this service. We love using Toy Exchange Club to reduce clutter and our overall consumption. All the fun without piles and piles of toys!


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