My favourite cleaning companion is my Sponge Cloth. Christen (founder of Ten and Co.) and I came up with a collaborative print which I love and it makes cleaning a bit more fun!

These cloths are soft enough for any surface, but durable enough for stainless steel, cooktops and dishes.

They are way more absorbent than a paper towel, sucking up about ¾ of a cup of liquid, making them perfect for spills too.

The best part? They're long lasting and compostable!

Shop here.

To go with your ZWC Swedish Sponge Cloth is the matching ZWC x Ten and Co. tea towel, designed in Canada, and screen printed in Sweden with water-based dyes!

These gorgeous tea towels are a mid-weight 50/50 cotton-linen blend. This blend allows the towel to soften over time naturally while maintaining durability and absorbency.


And they match with the ZWC x Ten and Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth perfectly!

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Goldilocks Wraps are an all-natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. A reusable beeswax food wrap, each wrap is handmade with love in Canada, using locally sourced beeswax. Each wrap is held to the highest of quality standards.

Goldilocks Wraps are perfect to preserve food, such as cut fruit and veggies, cheese that has been opened, as well as storing herbs and lettuce. Useful in the kitchen to store food, or to wrap food for on the go!

Discount Code: ZEROWASTE15 for 15% off your order!


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This ZWC x Kula Cloth is fantastic for life on the go! It’s the first ever, next-level antimicrobial pee cloth. It’s a perfect piece of gear for all your travel needs and activities! This is your chance to make sure that you Leave No Trace, which is the ethical standard for any wilderness activity.


Instead of leaving toilet paper wherever you go, or being stuck without TP while traveling, your Kula Cloth is all you need.

Kula Cloth is made from non-toxic fabrics and are manufactured sustainably in the US.


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Albatross Designs is on a mission to help you eliminate plastic from your shaving routine. They have a variety of razor styles, plus safety razor blades and plastic-free shaving soap.


Metal blades can be recycled, just be sure to check with your municipality first. Albatross Designs has a safety razor blade take back program. With this program, Albatross Designs creates new products with the stainless steel, like their travel cutlery set: Take Back Ware!


Discount Code: ZWC10 for 10% off your order!


Shop here.


Ditch the 10,000 disposable menstrual products and replace them with Öko Creations reusable pads!

- they are soft with hemp fleece (which is antifungal and antibacterial), haven't been bleached or dyed

- ethically sewn
- waterproof liner
- single pad lasts at least 6 years
- easy to wash and care for
- travel with the Dual Pocket Mini
- 5 different sizes available
- use like you would use regular pads, just don't throw them away! You’ll save lots of money!

Get 20% off Öko-pads with the discount code: zero.waste.pads

Öko-Pads are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Shop here.

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Unwrapped Life: These are not your average, shampoo + conditioner bars. Unwrapped Life has formulated bars for all hair types! They’ll leave your hair feeling fresh, luxurious, and smooth. They are also ideal for travelling, no fear of leaks or spills. Plus, they have vegan body, shaving, and exfoliating bars, as well as and a baby+kids line formulated for the most sensitive of skin.

Unwrapped Life was created to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics from everyday products for hair, body and home.


Discount Code: ZEROWASTE15 for 15% off your $40+ order!


Shop here.

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Looking for nontoxic refillables? Plaine Products has a refill system for most of your toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, face wash and face moisturizer. They ship to your door plastic-free.


Once you’re running low, you can order refills and use the refill box to return the empty bottles to be washed, sterilized and reused. Plaine Products will cover the return shipping fee, and the postal service will pick up the box so it’s hassle free.


Discount Code: ZWC for 20% off!


Shop here.

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