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Clean Up Your Community! How to Host a Litter Clean-up

This is a sponsored post in paid partnership with GLAD®.

“It is estimated that almost 10,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste enters our lakes and rivers each year from Canada and the United States.” – Environment and Climate Change Canada

Ever go for walks and find a lot of litter? Us too! Let’s clean it up!

GLAD for Change Clean-up

Instead of leaving trash on the ground, organize a local clean-up where you live! Whether it’s just yourself, your household, or you and some friends and family (following your local public health requirements), join in on the #GLADforChange clean-up this summer and commit to picking up at least 50 pieces of litter.

Join thousands of other Canadians participating in this coast-to-coast clean-up! You can learn more about the clean-up here.

Download the One Piece a Day App to track your progress, share pics of the litter you have collected and be sure to use the hashtag #GLADforChange to share your clean-up and inspire others to get involved!

And just a quick reminder to sort waste according to your local waste management facility! GLAD makes it easy with trash/recycling/organic bags to match!

Even if you’re not based in Canada, you can organize a local cleanup wherever you are in the world!

How to Organize and Host a Trash Clean-up

1. Pick a Location

Can you think of the areas in your community with lots of litter? Whether it’s just around the corner or a specific spot you know of, plan a location for your trash clean-up.

Parks, playground areas, beaches, river sides, and walking trails are just a few ideas to get you going!

2. Choose a Date and Time

Anytime is a good time for a clean-up! The #GLADforChange clean-up is happening between June 1st - August 31st. Pick a date and time within that time frame if it works for you, and even pick a backup date in case of inclement weather.

How quickly can you pick up 50 pieces?

3. Recruit Volunteers

Following public health guidelines related to Covid-19, recruit volunteers! You can head out solo or invite some family and friends, or get your whole town out and cleaning up and beautifying your community.

Send out emails, make some phone calls, and share the news on social media and use the hashtag #GLADforChange!

4. Have Supplies Ready

Be sure to have the bags you need (think compost, trash, recycling), like those available from GLAD, and you’re set!

Grab a pair of gloves and you’re ready to go! Be sure to follow the sorting requirements based on your municipality’s waste management system.

Then, make sure all bags are disposed of properly at the end of your trash clean-up.

5. Take Photos and Share on Social Media

Want to inspire others to clean up their communities too? Be sure to share your litter clean-up plans and the clean-up day itself on social media and use the hashtag #GLADforChange.

6. Reward Yourself and Your Team

Wow! Great work! Hopefully you’ve tracked your progress using the One Piece a Day App. Once you’re done, grab a pizza or your favourite treats and celebrate!

Nicely done! You’re helping the planet look and feel better, one piece of picked up trash at a time.

For more tips on going zero waste, read the book and head to zero waste 101!


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