With food waste, excessive packaging and cleaning supplies, the trash stream is overflowing in the kitchen for sure. Learn how to curb your kitchen trash with a Pantry Audit!

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Welcome to The Zero Waste Collective created by Tara McKenna, an online community and blog about all things zero waste and sustainable living. Whether your goal is to reduce your waste, or to go all out and eliminate your trash, you're in the right place. Follow the blog to get tips ranging from how to shop with your own containers, the ins and outs of clean beauty, and developing a conscious wardrobe to living with less and how to live sustainably on a budget! Eco-friendly products and campaigns are often featured on the website, too! All things eco, all in one place. New to zero waste? Start here.

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Zero Waste Basics

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Trash Audit

Learn your waste management system and do a trash audit.

Pantry Audit

Pantry Audit

Learn how to reduce waste in your kitchen with a pantry audit!

Zero Waste Bathroom

Bathroom Swaps

The best list of swaps to go zero waste in your bathroom.

zero waste kit

Zero Waste Kit

Create your own zero waste kit to reduce waste in your life!

Zero Waste Kitchen

Kitchen Swaps

The best list of swaps to go zero waste in the kitchen.

safety razor and brush

Safety Razor

Learn how to use a safety razor to reduce waste from shaving.

Cotton Net Bag; Zero Waste Shopping

Shop Zero Waste

Learn how to shop with your own containers and reusable bags!

utensils kit zero waste

Zero Waste Travel

How to reduce your waste while travelling.

menstrual cup


How to have a plastic free and zero waste period.