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Unwrapped Life: These are not your average, shampoo + conditioner bars. Unwrapped Life has specifically formulated bars for all hair types! They’ll leave your hair feeling fresh, luxurious, and smooth. They are also ideal for travelling (TSA approved!), no fear of leaks or spills. Plus, they have vegan body, shaving, and exfoliating bars, as well as and a baby+kids line (The Womb Collection) formulated for the most sensitive of skin. Unwrapped Life also has a wide range of eco-friendly products for zero waste living, including reusable facial rounds, stainless steel straws and bar dishes.

Unwrapped Life was created to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics from everyday products for hair, body and home. Daily luxury staples like shampoo and conditioner bars that were on the market just didn't work as well as traditional bottled products, so Unwrapped Life was created with the determination to change that! And we’re so glad they did.


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Unwrapped Life: Website (Photography provided by Unwrapped Life)

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