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Ten & Co. is known for their Swedish Sponge Cloths, and deservedly so! One sponge cloth can outlive the use of at least 17 rolls of paper towel. They can absorb 15x (about ¾ cup) their own weight in liquid, which is way more than any paper towel. Sponge cloths are soft when wet, last up to 6 months, quick to dry and can do any job your paper towels, synthetic cloths or sponges can do (but better!). Plus, the original patterns designed by Ten & Co.’s founder, Christen, are aesthetic for your home and perfect for gifts! The cellulose (wood pulp) & cotton composition means they can be composted at the end of their life.


Ten & Co has a variety of other products, including 50/50 cotton-linen blend tea towels, handmade trivets and pillows. Ten & Co. is helping people make easy zero waste swaps in their home, and a Swedish Sponge Cloth is a simple and beautiful gift to do just that.

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