Receive Unwanted Gifts Over the Holidays? Trade Them on Bunz! Here’s How

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

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Hello January 2019! This is the time of year when we believe anything is possible with our New Year’s resolutions. It’s a fresh start! We are wide-eyed and ready to take on anything and everything. Mostly. Except we still have some cleanup to do from the holidays. How did we end up with so much stuff?

Aunt Norma left you with a sweater you probably won’t wear, your parents decided that you needed a new pair of sneakers but didn’t give you a gift receipt, and your secret Santa at work gifted you some knickknacks that you’ll never use. If you received a few things you just don’t need, or won’t use, here are some things you can do:

  • Return it, if possible, and get cash back

  • Sell it (garage sale, or online)

  • Re-gift it to someone you know who would love it

  • Donate it

  • Trade your gift on the Bunz app for something you want instead (wait, what? More below!)

Trade your Unwanted Gifts on Bunz!

When we receive something we might not need - whether it’s clothing, shoes, accessories, home décor, plants, or more socks - there’s a good chance someone else is looking for that exact item. With the Bunz app you can swap your unwanted gifts for awesome things that other people have! Find something you love on Bunz, and trade it for something of yours that someone else will love.

The cool thing about the Bunz app is that it can be used ANYWHERE in the world. If you download the Bunz app and the Bunz community hasn’t started there yet, get your friends on board! By adding your friends, family, and neighbourhood on Bunz, you’ll be able to organically grow the number of people you can trade with locally. Share your Bunz profile on all your socials to reach more of your network and encourage others to live more sustainably through trade. It’s that easy!

Whether you need to swap out unwanted gifts from the holiday season, or you happen to have a donation pile, consider trading your stuff on the Bunz app. Bunz makes it so easy and helps to make life more affordable by providing a platform where you can exchange goods with people near you. Plus, the most sustainable stuff is the stuff that already exists, so spread the word!

How to Avoid Unwanted Gifts

While the Bunz app is a great way to trade unwanted gifts that you already have, you may want to avoid unwanted gifts moving forward. However, it goes against social norms to decline unwanted gifts. Gift giving is part of many cultures worldwide. Most of us politely accept unwanted gifts and decide to figure out what to do with them later in order to be respectful to the gift giver. Instead, we can handle the situation differently from the get-go.

Before there is an opportunity to accept a gift, let friends, family and colleagues know that gifts aren’t necessary:

  • If you’re hosting a birthday or holiday party, send a note in advance to guests saying that their presence is enough and politely ask that they do not bring gifts.

  • Choose to opt out of gift exchanges at work, with friends or family. Just be sure to let them know to leave your name out! Otherwise you may end up with a gift without giving one in return. That would be awkward.

  • Find alternative ways that people can give gifts. Donations to a special cause is a great way to avoid unwanted gifts, but still provide the opportunity for people to give.

  • If you can’t avoid a gift exchange for whatever reason, be sure to make your wish list known so that you can receive something that you want or need.

It might not always be possible to opt out or decline gifts. Our gift-giving cultural norms extend back tens of thousands of years, and won’t suddenly disappear. When you do decline a gift-exchange in advance, be sure to explain the reasoning behind your decision. Perhaps you’re an environmentalist or a minimalist, or both, so provide that explanation in a way that makes sense to everyone.

Gift giving can represent many things from love to respect and reciprocity. While the gift-giving tradition will persevere regardless of our opinion on the matter, we can manage it in a way that works for us.

We’re living in a world with too much stuff, and much of our stuff ends up in landfills. If we want less stuff and want to reduce our waste, we have to spread the word. And when it is time to declutter, use Bunz and keep our stuff out of the trash!

Also, if you’re making 2019 a no-spend year, then the Bunz app is where it’s at. Happy trading!

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