Making Sustainability an Everyday Lifestyle at Work with Industrious and The Zero Waste Collective

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For a sustainable lifestyle to stick, it needs to permeate all aspects of our lives: at home, on the go, and at work. While we can control much of what we do in our own homes and on the go, our offices and our work culture can often be out of our hands. Industrious is tackling sustainability in their offices to make a culture that supports more eco-friendly choices. This progressive approach to their work culture is a game changer. Learn more about the new sustainability initiative at Industrious below, as well as three tips for making sustainability an everyday lifestyle at work!


Industrious is the largest premium workplace provider in the United States with more than 55 locations in 33 cities across the country. They focus on creating professional workplace experiences that drive productivity and collaboration to ensure our members have what they need to grow and level-up their business. Whether you’re a freelancer or Fortune 500 company, they have a flexible workplace solution to fit your needs.

Each Industrious offers a comfortable and inviting environment with best-in-class hospitality. This is the type of office you’ll love working in with space to focus, collaborate, and host guests. Industrious provides a vibrant, diverse community ideal for professional and business growth.

As part of Industrious’ mission of redefining the workplace experience, the company is opening Playa District — a modern workplace campus next to Los Angeles’ Silicon Beach. This campus, opening in February, will have shared workplaces and private suites, as well as space for meditation, food trucks, walking trails, and more.

Green Initiative at Industrious

Industrious is taking sustainability to the next level. The company has made key changes to their kitchens, bathrooms and cleaning supplies to make all of their offices more eco-friendly. Further, these changes will make it seamless for their members to make sustainable choices commonplace.

Kitchen: Industrious has eliminated plastic straws and replaced them with reusable metal straws. In addition, reusable utensils, coffee cups, and drinking cups are readily available.

Bathrooms: Industrious has eliminated all tampons with plastic applicators and replaced plastic mouthwash cups with paper cups.

Cleaning Supplies: Industrious is replacing all toxic chemical cleaning supplies with less harmful alternatives.

As a company with 55 offices throughout the US and growing, these changes mark an exciting paradigm shift! We might need our daily caffeine fix to get through the workday, but in an Industrious office that won’t mean contributing to the global plastic crisis. Industrious is making it easy for everyone to reuse instead!

Bee to Bee Workshop: Making Sustainability an Everyday Lifestyle with The Zero Waste Collective and Industrious

Industrious is keen to spread the word about their Green Initiative with its members. They are hosting a Bee to Bee Workshop with The Zero Waste Collective on November 29, 2018, from 12:30-1:30pm EST. Refreshments and snacks will be available! If you’re interested in receiving an invitation to the event, please email, the workshop can be digitally available for those interested.

Join the Bee to Bee Workshop at all Industrious locations across the USA at 12:30pm EST / 11:30am CT / 9:30am PST.

Quick Tips for Everyday Sustainability at Work

Making sustainability an everyday lifestyle at work truly starts at home. That’s where we prepare for our day ahead and this preparation can set us up to succeed on the go and at work. Here are three tips to plan for sustainability at work:

1. Plan for the day ahead: Know where you are going and what activities you plan to do. Once you know what your plan is, you can prepare your zero waste kit to fit your schedule. Ask yourself some of these questions to help guide your prep work:

  • Am I grabbing a hot drink today? Will it be at a coffee shop? Can I sit down with a reusable mug or should I bring my own for on the go?

  • Am I eating out? Will there be leftovers? Or should I pack lunch and snacks?

  • Will I have access to water refill stations?

  • How much am I willing to carry with me today, and in what type of bag? A backpack? Tote bag? Purse? Briefcase?

  • Can I get to where I need to go via transit or active transportation (e.g. bike or walk)?

2. Pack a Zero Waste Kit: Based on the day ahead that you have planned, you may want to pack some or all of the following reusable items for your day:

  • Water Bottle

  • Coffee Cup

  • Straw

  • Utensils

  • Shopping Bag(s)

  • Handkerchief

  • Napkin

  • Containers (e.g. for leftovers if you’re eating out, or even getting takeout food in your own container)

3. Start a Green Team at Work: Sustainability can fall to the individual level, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can help create large-scale change in your office by creating a Green Team and implementing sustainable solutions. This will also help to shift your work environment towards a more eco-friendly culture. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Get support from leadership (typically sustainability initiatives save money, so keep that in mind when selling the idea to decision-makers)

  • Invite other staff to participate and host a kick-off meeting

  • Use the first meeting to establish roles and responsibilities, and to create a Green Team charter with guiding principles and main goals to achieve

  • Brainstorm possible projects, and determine their feasibility

  • Promote events and projects, and keep information flowing through emails and newsletters

  • Make it fun for everyone to get involved!

Join the Industrious Community and Love Where You Work

Learn more about Industrious on their website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

Also be sure to take a tour during Industrious Green Week. From January 14-18 Industrious will be offering tours, and when you take a tour you have the option of receiving a KeepCup or Industrious donating $20 on your behalf to one of their sustainability partners.

Thank you for taking the lead in sustainability at work, Industrious!

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