DIY Zero Waste Cleaning just got Easier!

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Cleaning Essentials Amber Spray Bottle and Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a clean home is on everyone’s to-do list. But how much thought do we really put into choosing our cleaning products? Store-bought cleaning products typically have a long list of ingredients and can include harmful chemicals. On top of that, many of us have good intentions to buy sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, but are lost when it comes to all of the ‘green’ options. Marketers have caught on to the green-living trend, and are “greenwashing” products by advertising them as being eco-friendly, even if they aren’t better for the environment.

Enough is enough!

We know that green living is more than a trend. Green living is a lifestyle choice that is integral to sustainability. To avoid the challenges that come with store-bought cleaning supplies – and seriously, there’s a different cleaning product for every surface of the house! – we can make our own cleaning products at home. Do-it-yourself (DIY) isn’t for everyone, but DIY cleaning products are incredibly easy to make!

Cleaning Essentials Amber Spray Bottle

Cleaning Essentials products make the DIY cleaning process even easier. They offer beautiful glass bottles with DIY cleaning recipes on the bottle. It’s convenient, easy, and you likely have all of the ingredients in your home already. The benefits of making your own household cleaning products are endless: you use natural ingredients, save time, save money, avoid waste, and curb plastic! Cleaning Essentials offers spray bottles (in blue or amber), and a glass jar of reusable wipes, all with DIY recipes on the containers (and they are Made in USA!).

What are the typical ingredients that you’ll need to make your own natural home cleaners? Depending on the recipe, some of the ingredients you will use include:

  • water

  • vinegar

  • alcohol (such as inexpensive vodka)

  • essential oils

  • hydrogen peroxide

  • and natural oil (like olive oil)

Cleaning Essentials offers everything you need to replace your store-bought cleaners for the following tasks:

  • glass

  • tile

  • wood

  • kitchen

  • bathroom

  • granite

  • veggie wash

  • all purpose

  • heavy duty

Cleaning with essential oils is a great alternative to store-bought cleaners because you avoid the harsh chemicals. These chemicals are included in your average household cleaner to kill germs and bacteria. The benefit of certain essential oils and vinegar is that they are naturally antibacterial, which make them ideal for including them in your homemade cleaner. Cleaning Essentials recommends Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Lemon as being among the best essential oils that have exceptionally strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

By making your own natural cleaner, you can eliminate harmful germs from your home and keep the good ones we need to be healthy. Essential oils also smell great!

Cleaning Essentials is a family business run by Martha and Mike, who are both passionate about creating natural cleaning products. They have three children, so providing a safe home environment for the whole family is integral to their healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Their products are effective, smell great, and safe for kids.

"Cleaning your home should not be a toxic and wasteful experience" - The Zero Waste Collective

Cleaning your home naturally should be easy and inexpensive, nontoxic, and waste-free. Cleaning Essentials helps you to make simple and effective natural cleaners with ingredients from your own home. This not only reduces the amount of nasty chemicals you use, but it also reduces waste, plastic consumption, and saves you money! Your homemade cleaner will pair nicely with reusable cleaning towels/rags, and compostable scrub brushes, such as ones made from wood and natural bristles. DIY cleaning will keep your house sparkling and your trash bin empty!

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