Kula Cloth

Kula Cloth is fantastic for life on the go! It’s the first ever, next-level antimicrobial pee cloth. It’s a perfect piece of gear for all your travel needs and activities: backpacking, hiking, road tripping, camping, concerts, trail running, horseback riding, mountaineering… anything! This is your chance to make sure that you Leave No Trace, which is the ethical standard for any wilderness activity. Instead of leaving toilet paper wherever you go, or being stuck without TP while traveling, your Kula Cloth is all you need.


This Kula Cloth is a game-changer, no matter how strange it might seem if this concept is new to you. And better yet, Kula Cloth is made from non-toxic fabrics and eco-friendly materials and are manufactured sustainably in the United States. This is a badass gift for yourself or for the adventurers in your life who want to reduce their ecological footprint. You can even use it at home instead of toilet paper (pee only!).

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Please note that this is a paid ad for Kula, and I will earn a percentage of each sale of this collaboration Kula cloth. Thanks for supporting The Zero Waste Collective! Links may contain Cookies, more information here. Photos provided by Kula.

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