How to Create Your Own Website & Blog

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I launched this blog, The Zero Waste Collective, on Earth Day in 2018. It was kind of nerve-wracking to be honest! I’m admittedly not a tech savvy person, so I needed a platform that was quick and easy to use, inexpensive, and didn’t require me to hire professional expertise. After months of research and weeks of working on another platform (that I hated), I finally started working with the free version of Wix. I loved it so much, especially with their prompt customer service, that within 2 weeks I was fully committed and upgraded to a premium plan without hesitation.  

Here are a Few of my Favourite Things about Wix:


Simple and Easy to Use: Their user interface is really intuitive once you get the hang of it. I watched a few YouTube videos to get me going, and after that, it was a matter of trying things out for myself to discover how everything worked. The best comparison I can make to how easy it is to use Wix is this: if you can use Microsoft PowerPoint, you can definitely use Wix!


They Have Awesome Website Templates: I started with a template (they have LOADS of stunning templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch), and I personalized my website by the changing colour theme and page layouts. The customization options are endless, but you don’t have to change a template if you don’t want to. Not only does Wix have great templates, they have a wide selection of free photography to use, too. Or simply upload your own photos and videos!


Outstanding Customer Service: I tend to have a lot of questions, and Wix is always quick to respond to all of my email inquiries. This has been consistent from day one.


Wix Keeps Getting Better: Wix is continually striving to improve their offerings, options, and capabilities. I’m glad to know that as I grow my blog and online business, Wix continues to grow and evolve as well, in ways that will support my needs and yours too!


Loads of Plugins: The Wix App Market has a vast variety of powerful web apps that can take your website from good to amazing. From adding a blog, community forum or subscription form to send newseltters, just about anything you can think of is available on Wix!


Option for Coding: Okay, so this one is going to be uninformative because I’m not that tech savvy. There’s an option for adding code. I don’t use it lol. But I’m glad to know it’s available if I need it, and if I ever hire someone who would want that option for my website. For now, I’m good.


They Offer eCommerce Plans: If you’re keen to offer products for sale, their eCommerce plans will be perfect for you! I’ve used their eCommerce option to sell digital download products, and it was an incredibly smooth process.

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Benefits of Having a Blog & Website


It’s Fun & Creative: I have to admit there’s something really cool about making your dream website into reality! It’s a creative process that I enjoy, and the outcome brings a lot of personal satisfaction.  


You Can Inspire Others: Are you an advocate for a certain issue? Do you want to have a positive impact in the world? A website and blog is a perfect foundation for you to spread your positive message and a way for you to inspire others.


It Helps you Work Toward Other Goals: Want to write a book? Start with a blog. Want to create a podcast? Start with a website. Want to sell products? An eCommerce platform will make your dream a reality. Want to become a well-known artist? Your website can be your portfolio. Whatever your goals may be, a website can help propel you in the right direction.


Perfect Way to Network: Whether it’s been in person or over the internet, I’ve met and connected with really amazing people, from bloggers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to celebrities. When you have a website to bring your voice to life, people take notice. Launching a website is like telling the universe that you’re open for new opportunities! Networking can lead to other opportunities like cool projects, collaborations and events.


You can Make an Income: Whether you want to make a little side cash or build a full-time business, creating a website provides the perfect home for your brand and message. Here are some ways you can make money with your website (just make sure you’re always transparent about it):

  • Sponsored Posts

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Licencing Agreements

  • Other Forms of Advertising

  • Digital Products

  • Your Own Products

  • Online Courses


You Own It: When you make a website, it’s yours. Unlike social media platforms where we can’t control things like algorithms, we are in the driver’s seat with our own website. The best recommendation any top blogger will tell you, and which I agree, is to build a mailing list!


If all social media was to disappear overnight and all you were left with was your website and mailing list, then you’re still set. If you’ve been relying solely on social media for your brand’s platform, now is definitely the time to build a website!


It Complements Your Social Media Presence: Social media profiles are the perfect way to grow your brand, build your community and increase your reach. Invite your fans from social media to your website!


How to get started


Choose a Niche: This is what your website is about. It’s a targeted topic or subtopic that’s cohesive in its content.


Start Free or Get a Premium Plan: Try Wix for free then upgrade to a premium plan if you love it!


Choose a Domain Name: This can be your own name, the name of your business, or your blog name. My blog name (The Zero Waste Collective) and domain name ( are the same. Your domain name is your online address, and domain names are available through Wix.


Pick a Website Template: Wix has a variety of templates to suit the purpose of your website, including ones that are perfect for businesses, online stores, creatives, and building communities. There will be a template perfect for you! Customize the template based on your preferences.


Add Basic Elements: I started my website with a home page, an about page, and a blog.


Add Photos: Whether you use your own photos or the photos from Wix, photos are an integral component to any website.


Work Behind the Scenes: Work on your unpublished website until you get it to a place you can share it publicly!


Launch: This is the fun part! Share your new website with the world! It doesn’t have to be perfect (see tips below). Share your new website with family, friends, and your social media communities to drive visitors to your new online space.

Other Tips


It’s a Commitment: A website can be a labour of love. It’s generally not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of activity. Depending on what you’re creating a website for, you’ll need to update it and regularly create content for your visitors. Schedule it in to keep a consistent workflow.


Don’t wait for Perfection: When I first started working on this website, I didn’t feel ready to launch. The problem was, I had already committed to launching on Earth Day! This was really a blessing in disguise because it required me to make my website public even though it wasn’t perfect. I only had a few super basic pages and one published blog post! My website was a baby!


What I’ve learned through this experience is that we just need to go for it before it’s 100% ready, because if we don’t, searching for perfection can lead to procrastination. The way I see it, my website and blog will always a work in progress. And that’s okay!


You Got This: Whenever we take on a new project or endeavour, there can be bumps in the road along the way. While it might sound cheesy, the mantra “I’ve got this” helps me to focus on problem-solving. My parting words of encouragement for you are these:

You Got This!

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