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Albatross Designs is on a mission to help you eliminate plastic from your shaving routine. Over recent years, shaving has become more and more disposable, and increasingly expensive. One of the best swaps you can make to reduce waste in the bathroom is to invest in a safety razor. Albatross Designs offers a variety of safety razor styles and sells safety razor blades and plastic-free shaving soap. You’ll never throw away a razor again!


With the razors available from Albatross Designs, all you’ll need to replace is the stainless steel blade. This metal blade can be recycled, just be sure to check with your municipality to learn how to recycle it properly. The easiest way to dispose of your blades is to keep used ones in a container and once it’s full, recycle all of them in one go. If your municipality does not recycle them, Albatross Designs has a safety razor blade take back program.


Discount Code: ZWC10 for 10% off your order! International shipping is available. Albatross Designs: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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